What is vBay?

1. An online marketing tool providing vegan brand information including where to buy online and in store.

2. A vegan crowdfunded and crowdsourced lobbying/marketing weapon of mass destruction, tackling the meat, fish and dairy industry!

3. A solution to the questions "where do you get your protein? What do vegans eat?". Satisfying consumer demand for instant, high quality and detailed vegan information.

4. Fighting fire with fire, using capitalism to fight the cause of animal suffering (capitalism).

5. Assisting non-vegan businesses source vegan food service wholesalers.


1. Assist to create 100 Million more vegans, doubling the estimated vegan population in the world.
2. Assist to create 400 Million more vegetarians, doubling the estimated vegetarian population in the world.
3. Assist to create 700 Million more flexitarians, doubling the estimated flexitarian population in the world.

The above goals, if achieved, will save an estimated


vBay Expansion

vBay plans to create a vBay for each of the following countries:

Americas - USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina,
- UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Turkey
Rest of World
- Australia, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Japan

*Note* vBay can create a site for any country

vBay Economic Targets

1. 500 x corporations/brands to sponsor and collaborate with vBay
2. 10,000 x small businesses subscriptions to list on vBay trader directory, distributing 100/1200 vCards per month/year to non-vegan consumers
3. 1,000,000 vegan consumers purchasing and distributing at least 100x vCards per year, globally
4. vBay invest heavily in digital and display marketing to supplement vCard viral marketing.


Consumer Facts

Non-vegans - 66%
Flexitarian - 20%
Vegetarian - 11%
Vegan - 3%
Citation: www.vegconomist.com//study

* 92% of processed vegan food is consumed by non-vegans (flexitarians & vegetarians)
Citation: www.livekindly.co/92-plant-based-meals-were-consumed-non-vegans-last-year/

* The WCRF recommends per person, to eat no more than 25.5kg meat per year, whereas the western average is 100kg!
Citation: www.wcrf.org/dietandcancer/limit-red-and-processed-meat/

* Since 1960, global meat, fish and dairy consumption has doubled, whilst global population has quadrupled
Citation: www.ourworldindata.org/meat-production

Veganism vs Meat/Fish/Dairy Industry

* Turnover Comparison - Meat/Fish/Dairy Industry $1.75 Trillion vs Vegan Food Industry $17.5 Billion (1%)
* Marketing Budget Comparison (avg. 10% of turnover budget) -  Meat/Fish/Dairy Industry $175 Billion vs Vegan Food Industry $1.75 Billion (1%)
* Government Subsidies - Meat/Fish/Dairy Industry $500 Billion vs $12.5 Billion Fruits & Vegetables Industry (0.25%) and $0 Vegan Food Industry (0%)


Vegan Crowdsourcing
Vegan Consumers - Distributing vCards to non-vegan consumers and small business restaurants/cafes. Promoting vBay to vegan small businesses.
Vegan Small Businesses - Distributing vCards to non-vegan customers.
Vegan Brands/Corporations - Marketing partnerships, joint brand promotion & collaboration.

Vegan Crowdfunding
Vegan Consumers - Purchasing vCards.
Vegan Small Businesses - Subscribing for a Trader Directory Listing (includes vCard supply).
Vegan Brands/Corporations - Corporate Sponsorship

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