Buy vBay's vCards and become ONE OF A MILLION people required globally, to help generate 100 million more vegans! vBay is relying on you to help educate the masses, consumers and business, in consuming and providing more ethical choices.

We and the animals you will save, thank you for your involvement and support!

Why vCards?

Business cards are retained and looked at multiple times, reminding people of the company/website/product, triggering a look at the website, creating advertising for the brands listed on vBay. The plan is to reach 100 million consumers globally, vCards can achieve this with collaboration (crowdsourcing) from yourself!

vCards help to fund vBay, paying for hosting, staff and other costs. By purchasing vCards you are helping us by crowdfunding vBay's overheads!

Front of vCard

QR Code points to vBay's 'FOOD SERVICE' section, which details vegan commercial food suppliers. The idea is to show non-vegan businesses where to source vegan food porn to add to their menu! The more a business person see's vCards in their premises, the more likely they are to stock vegan food, so share as much as possible in food establishments and engage with owners, advise them and provide them with a vCard!

Rear of vCard

QR Code points to vBay main site, consumers can find vegan brands, restaurants, meal delivery and others. The idea is to trigger consumer curiosity, once they look on vBay and see the food porn available, they won't be able to help themselves, so share these as much as possible with people in your area!

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